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2019 - Cory Thompson Arizona Fall League

2017 - Wes Rogers led all of baseball in stolen bases with 70

2017 – Emilo Pagan and Daniel Gossett made their MLB debuts!!!!
2017 – Emilio Pagan pitched in the Championship game of the World Baseball Classic
2016 – Madison Younginer was called up to the Atlanta Braves…first Maverick to make an MLB team
2016 – Alex Cunningham recorded the last out as Coastal Carolina won the College World Series
2016 – Daniel Gossett was named Oakland A’s Minor League Pitcher of the Year
2011 - College World Series MVP – Scott Wingo (also scored the final run ever in Rosenblatt Stadium)
Matthew Robinson is now the recruiting coordinator at Emmanuel College in GA
2015 – Ramon Osuna was named the JUCO College World Series MVP and the 2016 Atlanta Braves Single A Player of the Year




Elijah Dale - 13th Round to the Mariners 

Tyler Kennedy - 19th round to the Pirates

Cade Austin - 19th round to the Yankees


Chandler Simpson - 2nd Round to the Rays

Sonny Dichiara - 5th Round to the Angels

Mavis Graves -- 6th Round to the Phillies

Dylan Ross - 13th round to the Mets

Marquis Grissom Jr - 13th round to the Nationals

Brett Roberts - 16th round to the Marlins



TJ White - 5th Round to the Nationals

Connor Pavolony - 7th round to the Orioles 

Michael Harris – 3rd Round to the Atlanta Braves
Gabe Holt – 7th round to the Brewers
Oscar Santos – 10th Round to the Diamondbacks
Connor Housley – 17th Round to the Texas Rangers
Myles Austin – 20th Round to the Brewers 

Travis Moths - 7th round to the diamondbacks
Nick Gatewood - 11th round to the Padres
Chris Proctor - 13th round to the Tigers
Garrett McDaniels - 30th round to the Marlins
Matt Beaird - 36th round to the Orioles
Ryan McDonald - 37th round to the Giants 

Tony Dibrell – 4th round by NY Mets 
Alex Cunningham – 9th round by San Diego Padres 
Andrew Gist – 9th round by Tampa Bay Rays 
Will Robertson – 30th round by Baltimore Orioles 

Alex Cunningham – 28th round by Detroit Tigers 
Ramon Osuna – 14th round by Atlanta Braves 

Carl Wise - 4th round to the Toronto Blue Jays 
Steven Duggar – 6th round to San Francisco Giants 
Ryne Inman - 15th round to the Seattle Mariners 



Daniel Gossett - 2nd round to the Oakland Athletics

Brent Honeywell - 2nd round to the Tampa Bay Rays Wesley Rogers - 4th round to the Colorado Rockies

Tyler Wilson - 20th round to the San Diego Padres 

Joe Jackson - Texas Rangers (5th Round) 
Cory Thompson - Cincinnati Reds (5th Round) 
Emilo Pagan - Seattle Mariners (10th Round) 
Jarrett Freeland - Cincinnati Reds (15th Round) 
Will Callaway - San Francisco Giants (37th Round) 
Ben Carlson - Los Angeles Angels (40th Round) 

Wesley Rogers – 28th round by the Boston Red Sox 

Scott Wingo – 11th round by the LA Dodgers 
Daniel Gossett – 16th round by the Boston Red Sox 
Kyle Deese – 23rd round by the St Louis Cardinals 
Ryan McPhail – 47th round by the Detroit Tigers 

John Nester – 39th round by the Oakland Athletics 
Joe Jackson – 50th round by the Kansas City Royals 

Madison Youngnier – 7th Round by Boston Red Sox 
Stefan Del Pino – 27th round by Cincinnati Reds

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