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Summer 2021 Recap - Upstate Mavz

15U PGBA Memorial Day Champs at BLC

17ST Runner-up at CABA 17u National Champs @ Clemson

15U Faulkner CABA National Champs

16U ST Runner-up CABA National Champs

15U Pridgen PGBA Upstate Invitational Champs

15U Faulkner PGBA Upstate Invitational Runner Up

17U ST Finished 5-1 in WWBA

14U Prospects Runner Up - PGBA Upstate Summer Classic

15U Faulkner - CABA World Series Champs

15U Pridgen - CABA WS 3rd Place

14U Prospects - Runner Up PGBA Battle of the Upstate

13U Prospects - Runner Up - PGBA Battler of the Upstate

16ST - 5-1 and advanced to second round of playoffs in16U WWBA

15U Faulkner - 5-1 and advanced to the playoffs of 15U WWBA

15U Pridgen - Champions - PGBASC Summer Championship


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