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MLB Draft Picks and MLB Alumni

The Upstate Mavericks organization has had 50 players drafted into the MLB and have had 6 players make it to the big leagues!!!

Madison Younginer (RHP from Mauldin SC) was the first Upstate Maverick ever drafted (7th Round in 2009) and was also the first Upstate Maverick to make his MLB Debut (2016, Atlanta Braves)!

MLB Draft Picks by year...



Elijah Dale - 13th Round to the Mariners 

Tyler Kennedy - 19th round to the Pirates

Cade Austin - 19th round to the Yankees


Chandler Simpson - 2nd Round to the Rays

Sonny Dichiara - 5th Round to the Angels

Mavis Graves -- 6th Round to the Phillies

Dylan Ross - 13th round to the Mets

Marquis Grissom Jr - 13th round to the Nationals

Brett Roberts - 16th round to the Marlins



TJ White - 5th Round to the Nationals

Connor Pavolony - 7th round to the Orioles 

Michael Harris – 3rd Round to the Atlanta Braves
Gabe Holt – 7th round to the Brewers
Oscar Santos – 10th Round to the Diamondbacks
Connor Housley – 17th Round to the Texas Rangers
Myles Austin – 20th Round to the Brewers 

Travis Moths - 7th round to the diamondbacks
Nick Gatewood - 11th round to the Padres
Chris Proctor - 13th round to the Tigers
Garrett McDaniels - 30th round to the Marlins
Matt Beaird - 36th round to the Orioles
Ryan McDonald - 37th round to the Giants 

Tony Dibrell – 4th round by NY Mets 
Alex Cunningham – 9th round by San Diego Padres 
Andrew Gist – 9th round by Tampa Bay Rays 
Will Robertson – 30th round by Baltimore Orioles 

Alex Cunningham – 28th round by Detroit Tigers 
Ramon Osuna – 14th round by Atlanta Braves 

Carl Wise - 4th round to the Toronto Blue Jays 
Steven Duggar – 6th round to San Francisco Giants 
Ryne Inman - 15th round to the Seattle Mariners 



Daniel Gossett - 2nd round to the Oakland Athletics

Brent Honeywell - 2nd round to the Tampa Bay Rays

Wesley Rogers - 4th round to the Colorado Rockies

Tyler Wilson - 20th round to the San Diego Padres 

Joe Jackson - Texas Rangers (5th Round) 
Cory Thompson - Cincinnati Reds (5th Round) 
Emilo Pagan - Seattle Mariners (10th Round) 
Jarrett Freeland - Cincinnati Reds (15th Round) 
Will Callaway - San Francisco Giants (37th Round) 
Ben Carlson - Los Angeles Angels (40th Round) 

Wesley Rogers – 28th round by the Boston Red Sox 

Scott Wingo – 11th round by the LA Dodgers 
Daniel Gossett – 16th round by the Boston Red Sox 
Kyle Deese – 23rd round by the St Louis Cardinals 
Ryan McPhail – 47th round by the Detroit Tigers 

John Nester – 39th round by the Oakland Athletics 
Joe Jackson – 50th round by the Kansas City Royals 

Madison Youngnier – 7th Round by Boston Red Sox 
Stefan Del Pino – 27th round by Cincinnati Reds

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